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HOW TO: Make your own USB cable for HK-T6A calibration

April 27th, 2012 44 comments


About a month ago I managed to go ahead and buy my first quadcopter (split the cost with two of my colleagues 🙂 ) and all the required equipment. I will do another post on that because it is really interesting!

I played around with RC airplanes some 10 years ago. There are some things changed now. Controllers are different. You are able to buy a 6 channel radio for under 30 Euros! Wow… Anyway, so I bought this controller from Hobbyking, named HK-T6A. However, I missed the fact that I needed a USB cable as well. To cut the story short, I had everything I needed to fly the brand new quad, but the controller needed calibration. Since the USB calibration cable was out of stock it would take some time to arrive. The cheap cables in ebay were shipped from China so it would take an additional month to get it. We had a problem!

Looking around in the internet, my attention was drawn to a picture of the transmitter communication socket. It was indicating TX/RX so I thought “wait a minute… could this be just serial comms?”. And so it was 🙂

What you need…

The only device you need is a simple USB-to-Serial (TTL) converter. If you are into digital electronics you should have a couple of them in your desk drawer. My personal favorite is CP2102. Take a look at my older post which I talk about this device. They cost only a couple of dollars including delivery from ebay. Check it out. You will also need 4 simple wires.

CP2102 USB-to-serial ttl module

The HK-T6 transmitter with the CP2102 and 4 wires. That is all you need!

Now take look at the trainer port of the controller.

The 4-pin din connection port of HK-T6

Connect everything together, really simple:


This is my temporary setup. It works!

Make sure your controller is switched off though. Then connect the CP2102 on your USB port of your PC. It could take some short time until your PC first finds the appropriate drivers and power the controller. You should see a red light on your transmitter. That means it is receiving power from the USB of your PC.

If something is not working, try switching the TX with RX lines. I mix them up all the time!!! You are now ready to calibrate your controller. Choose the software of your choice. I prefer Digital Radio. It is much better that T6Config. Note that this will work with FlySky CT6B since it is essentially the same controller.

Let me know if you need any help.

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