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Small spool holder for Mendel90

September 10th, 2013 2 comments

After I completed building my Mendel90 I was a bit disappointed when I found out that the spool I had (bought from ultimaker site) was smaller than the spool holder. So I placed the spool on my desk behind the printer and never really bothered to solve the problem. Every now and then during the printing I would manually unroll filament from the spool so I don’t stress the extruder motor.

Well a couple of days ago I was browsing the reprap forums and found a nice extension that solved (well sort of) my problem. Fellow reprapper GerdH created a neat extension design to support multiple spool holder sizes. I downloaded the .scad file, compiled it, sliced it with Cura with my settings and printed it. I had to run to the nearest hardware store and get a set of four screws with nuts. So within few hours I saw the post the spool holder was installed on my printer and its working perfectly. No more manual unrolling of filament!

During printing

During printing


The spool where it was meant to be from the beginning!

The spool where it was meant to be from the beginning!


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Building my Mendel90

February 10th, 2013 No comments

In this post I will explain my experience building my first 3D printer. I should state that before buying this printer I knew nothing about building a 3D printer or any of the terminology. NOTHING. I was just fascinated by the technology and capabilities and followed the progress. The main reason I am writing this is to encourage complete beginners to overcome the initial doubts that they may have, as I had.
Lets start with the really basics, how it works. The first thing you need is a digital design of the object. This can be created by you through a cad software like openscad or blender, or you can download a design created by others. So after you have this file, a “slicer” software will prepare it for printing. This software will cut the object into multiple layers, slices, horizontally. The same way you slice a loaf of bread. This software generates a code that the printer understands. The printer works by laying down melted plastic tracking the outline of the object and then fills the areas need filling. The plastic cools down quickly and solidifies. Doing the same thing layer by layer, the object is formed.

Building the machine

There is a variety of machines you can buy. I did not do an exhaustive research on the capabilities and features. My requirements were simple, the printer should be:

  • Reliable
  • Cheap
  • and Europe based to avoid any taxes

People at the reprap forums suggested me Mendel90 that was designed by nohead, an experienced member of the community, and it was at the right price and it was in UK. It turned out that Mendel90 has another great feature, that of the support both pre and after sales. Both from Chris(nophead) and Mary  were kind enough to answer all my questions clearly and quickly. The kit arrived in about a week.

The parcel arrived!

The parcel arrived!

When I first opened the parcel I was overwhelmed by the amount of parts. I really wanted to start printing but there I was in front of hundreds of small bits and pieces. But don’t worry. The included instructions provided by nophead are really detailed and guide you through. I am not saying that is super easy to build the machine. I think you need some basic skills in putting things together and some soldering skills as well. There are some easy parts and some more challenging. I messed up a part or two but fortunately I was able to fix it.

It took me about two nights (from 10pm to 8am) to finish the machine. It was a great experience. I found it to be challenging and I learned a lot about how it works. After some tests and quick calibration I printed the small android figure you see in the picture.

My first 3D print!!!

My first 3D print!!!

The code was provided by nophead. After that, the second journey began. The journey of calibration. But let’s leave that for another time. I should say that this hobby requires time and patience. You will get frustrated and angry but when you manage to get the print as you intended, the accomplishment feeling is incredible. You can build your ideas into real objects… Just incredible.

I hope I gave you some basic idea what this is all about and I hope to see you in the reprap forums.

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First steps in 3D printing

February 4th, 2013 No comments

Hello everyone.

About a month ago I was watching a video on youtube about a guy building a robot. At some point that guy set “…I printed these parts on my RepRap…”. Those words echoed in my head, again and again. …… and bam. That was it.

You see, I have watched the progress of 3D printers for some time now. From the moment I saw one online I was hooked. Unfortunately the price was too high for a “toy”. At least that what I was thinking then. I considered it as a “toy” since is something I don’t really need. I wanted it to satisfy my creativity itch. So I decided to bury my 3D printing desire to save some money. And I was good at it. Until it hit me when I watched that video.

Right there I decided I would buy one, no matter what. I agree that spending 600-700 Euros may seem like a lot at the beginning, but let me tell you that the rewarding you get from 3D printing is huge. Talking for myself, its been a long time since I felt that much satisfaction in my tech life experience.

So, I believe that 3D printing is going to be the new part of this blog. To get the ball rolling, my next post will describe the machine I bought and the assembling experience.