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Lego Mindstorms – Interesting Advanced Projects

When I was a kid I remember building small houses and castles using my Lego pieces collection. Even back then you could tell that people creating that stuff had a really creative thinking and ideas. Looking at todays Lego robotic products you can safely assume that they still have that flare of creativity πŸ™‚

Few years back I also bought my first Mindstorms kit. I was quite amazed by the possibilities of this kit. However, me as a person, I have short imagination πŸ™‚ therefore I quickly run out of ideas and moved on to other stuff.

Recently I came across some interesting projects done using the newest NXT mindstorms by Lego and I was truly amazed BIG TIME! Some people have really clever ideas and they implement them beautifully. Not only they are able to put together a working body frame but also there is some clever programming too!

Take a look at this little thing solving a sudoku. It does some image processing to identify the numbers then solves the puzzle and then using a pen it completes it!!!

Then its the rubik cube solve called CubeStormer. If you haven’t seen this before you are in for a treat! Oh and may I warn you it will make you feel slightly stupid πŸ™‚ at least it made me!

If you have other suggestions of such projects send them to me to update this post.

That’s all for now πŸ™‚

References engadget and singularityhub

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