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First steps in 3D printing

Hello everyone.

About a month ago I was watching a video on youtube about a guy building a robot. At some point that guy set “…I printed these parts on my RepRap…”. Those words echoed in my head, again and again. …… and bam. That was it.

You see, I have watched the progress of 3D printers for some time now. From the moment I saw one online I was hooked. Unfortunately the price was too high for a “toy”. At least that what I was thinking then. I considered it as a “toy” since is something I don’t really need. I wanted it to satisfy my creativity itch. So I decided to bury my 3D printing desire to save some money. And I was good at it. Until it hit me when I watched that video.

Right there I decided I would buy one, no matter what. I agree that spending 600-700 Euros may seem like a lot at the beginning, but let me tell you that the rewarding you get from 3D printing is huge. Talking for myself, its been a long time since I felt that much satisfaction in my tech life experience.

So, I believe that 3D printing is going to be the new part of this blog. To get the ball rolling, my next post will describe the machine I bought and the assembling experience.

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